Itzelle Collection

Itzelle Collection is an e-commerce store that sells avarcas and other leather goods designed in San Diego and produced in Spain. 

+ branding

+ print design

+ product photography

+ social media direction | Instagram

+ web design | Itzelle Collection



Itzelle Collection Branding Guide

During the branding process I worked with the designer to understand where her inspiration came from so that I could infuse that into the brand identity. Itzelle Collection sells avarcas from the island of Menorca off of Spain. I spoke with the designer about what colors, textures, and places on the island inspired her the most. With that information I created this guide.

Itzelle Collection Logos-updated-Nov3-01-01.png

Itzelle Collection Logos

Logo sheet used at the beginning of the branding process


Print Collateral

Business cards for employees and print pieces for packaging.